The Twelve Uses of NickAngel

In the spirit of Christmas and giving and blah blah blah I have agreed not to spread the joy of the NickAngel around (or maybe because he begged me not to), but since he has already appeared once on my blog I think I can continue to post him occasionally without getting into too much trouble.
Besides, he gave me the idea of posting the TOP 20 USES of NickAngel. (Hint to him: don’t ever GIVE me ideas freely.) I have decided to only post 12 however, because that seems about right.
The Twelves Uses of NickAngel
1. Posted on Facebook

2. A Deck of Cards

3. On a Coffee Mug:

4. On a t-shirt

5. On an Ipod
6. On a Laptop Skin

7. On a Card

8. On a Wanted Poster

9. With Edward

10. On a Stamp

11. In a Museum

12. On Christmas Ornaments



Unphotogenic Me, Wedding Pictures, Finding a Photographer in Wyoming or Montana

I have never looked good in pictures.  And I’m not saying that because my self esteem is so low that I think I’m fat or ugly or whatever.  Pictures just makes me look funny.  Like I’m always making faces at the camera.  My bottom lip is to the left, my eyes are squinty, I have a forced smile, my chin is too long, I look like I’m in pain.

There was an episode of Samantha Who that I loved in which her best friend Andrea refuses to have her picture taken because it’s always so awful.  She said something like “I only look good in motion.”  YES, EXACTLY.

I only look good in motion.  And a camera can’t capture that in one shot because I must always be moving, even in that second when it flashes, so that my mouth is wide open or I’m grimacing or I have indigestion.  What’s weird is that all three of my girls are incredibly photogenic.  And they look alot like me.  How does that happen???  I think maybe I’m twitching so fast all the time that no one can really tell until they take a picture and then they say “What is that?  You didn’t look like you just bit into a lemon.”

So then my good friend took pictures at my wedding last week.  And while some of them are snortingly funny and I ask myself what I was doing, there are some that actually make me look like what I imagine myself to look like.

And that makes her the best photographer EVER.  I don’t usually promote people, but if you’re in the Wyoming/Montana/Idaho area this is her website:

A Simple Wedding, Pahaska Teepee, and Pirate Friends

Yes, I’m married now.  It hasn’t really sunk in yet.  I don’t feel any different.  🙂

And not to sound like I did a great job at planning this thing, but that was the BEST wedding I’ve ever been to.

No printed invitations, guest lists, ushers, flowers, caterers, bridesmaids, tuxedos, or bad tanning experiences.

No last minute fights or crying or resentments over who got chosen to do what.  No family disasters right in the middle.

And EVERYONE got a place to stand to watch the ceremony and a table afterward, if they wanted one.

Imagine that.

Most of us got ready together.  It was an hour drive out of town, through the tunnels, into and out of Wapiti.  Just at the National Forest line the clouds came in and the sky grayed with sheets of rain ahead.  At the chapel the weather was unsettled.  I made a last minute decision to move us all because any second it was going to downpour.  It’s hard to tell what the weather is like near Yellowstone from town.  We all had weird shoes on because the plan was to be barefoot, but that plan changed when we moved.  And the weird shoes stayed.

We had the ceremony on the steps of the Old Lodge at Pahaska Teepee.  I think that was just meant to be, so I wasn’t upset at all about the change in plans.

My pirate friend.  Ummm, I mean my friend who dressed up as a pirate, was the minister.  She was ordained online by a monastery.  I wrote the whole thing, which was short, sweet, and included a reading of Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go, a song by Nick, and a family sand ceremony.

It was out front at the resort so people kept driving by in the middle and someone stopped to ask if we were a theater troupe.

By the time we hit the restaurant for drinks and dinner, the staff knew all about our little ceremony.  The owner came down later and bought us drinks and we shared old Pahaska stories, as three of us had worked there together in the early 1990’s.  Bad stories.  Drunk, wandering through the woods, drowning in the river, sweat lodge stories. 

After spending the night in an A-Frame room, next to a loudly snoring Chinese guy, we wandered back home to get ready for the party on Saturday.

There is, of course, one thing I’m leaving out.  The adventures of Abrah.  But that’s another post for later when I’ve collected all the pictures.

Wedding tomorrow

with Pirates, Spiced Rum, barefeet, colored sand, medieval clothing, Dr. Seuss, and hopefully under 20 people.  If I can time the transportation and breakouts from various schools it should go fine.

Oh, no.  He just asked me for $20 for rum, a brown jug, tomato juice, and swilling beer.

Three weeks from today

I’ll be getting married.  I have a love/hate relationship with this whole thing already.  I hate weddings.  I love that Tarri got her officiant attire at a costume store.  I hate white.  I love that I’m going to alter my dress into something completely different.  I hate traditional patriarchal ritual.  I love that not only with Dr. Seuss be a part of my wedding, but it might even be read by a pirate.  I hate all that religious reference.  I love that a church will let me do a “Christian” ceremony on their property when the only thing Christian about it is the place.  I hate uncomfortable shoes.  I love that my dress is long enough so that I can wear big black boots under it.  I hate having my picture taken.  I love that my friend is coming to do the pictures.

Nothing else really matters.  My life turned out just like I wanted it to.

Except that Abrah won’t be there to yell out “Take her!”

Wedding Invitations: ecofriendly

First, let me say again that my marriage is much more important that the wedding.  The emphasis for me is on simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, stress-free.  I think that making a wedding all about putting on a good show, the important things are left out.  Like how much I love him and how we are working hard on finding the best way to juggle our life together.

Expensive, silly, eventually-end-up-in-someone’s-trashcan wedding invitations are not a part of our life.  I have been thinking about email invitations.  No pollution.  No landfill.  But are they too cheap and tacky???

Besides, sometimes I only know how to reach people through email.  It’s just that kind of world.

I found this site:

They have class, inexpensive, and beautiful invitations for many occassions.  Perfect.

Wedding Dress Indecision

I haven’t bought one yet so I obviously just haven’t found what I want to wear. 

I am not a princess.  I don’t like the whole bride thing.  There’s no fantasy fairytale wedding that I’ve been saving for since I was 16.  I’m not fluffy or lacey or (gasp) sleevelessness.  No one wants these boobs to pop out.

 Color theme.  I’d rather have a pirate theme. 

I found this dress:

What do you think?