Weirdness at the Track

It’s rare that I’m confused by people’s behavior.  I have no idea what was going on at the track this morning.  I was just taking a before work walk in circles as I sometimes do.  Then this older woman with white hair and strangely athletic legs shows up in her tight work out outfit and starts doing HUGE WEIRD stretches in the middle of the lanes.  She makes LOUD sounds for emphasis that I could hear over the music on my headphones.  Then she started practicing her sprints by doing this strange take off in slow motion again and again.  She said hello to me and I nodded back.  She did two short sprints past me, went to her car for water, stood in the middle of the track, took her water back, and made a show of getting ready to do a high jump by the mats.  She moved the poles with great big movements and found a rope she was winding around one of them.  I left at this point because it felt like she wanted me to notice and I was feeling creeped out.  It was like watching an older woman do an SNL skit on being a famous track start who is also trying to pick up women who walk.


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