Another Penis Story (when it’s ironic that I should be telling menopause stories at the same time)

Their father put them to bed but then the 4 year old wanted to whisper something to me.

I only want to talk to you about my pee-pee Mom, not Dada.  Just you.

Okay, so did Dada ask you something about your pee-pee.

No, but I want to talk to you, Mom.

So what is it?

I found a little ball on my pee-pee.  Let me show you.  Whips out his parts.  And grabs ahold of a testicle to show me.  What is this?

It’s a testicle Honey.  There are two of them.  All boys have them.

What is it for?

Hmmmmm, I don’t have the words that you would understand yet.  It’s part of your private parts.

Does it hold my pee until I have to go potty?

Okay sure.  That and other things.  Did you just find this today?

Yes, I play with it in my bed all the time.

There you go, another lovely episode of Little Boy is Infatuated With His Penis.  Brought to you by the old mom who has hot flashes almost every night now and says things like “Don’t hug me so hard, my bones are fragile.”


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