There’s blood in my POOP

by Guest Writer E.

This was too good not to post.  What story about poop is?

I’ve had raging diarrhea for 4 months now.  I shit when I eat.  I shit when I drive.  I shit so much my butthole hurts.

I changed my diet.  Less carbs.  Less sugar.  No caffeine and no soda.

Then two days ago there was bright red blood in my poop.  And dripping out of my butt.  I made a doctor’s appointment thinking bacterial infection or something.  HELP!  

Because I needed an appointment immediately I got a new doctor I’ve never had before.  She asked the usual questions about diet and exercise.  Then she took a good long look at things down there, lubed her finger and stuck it in.  It was awkward when she swirled it.  But the worst part by far was that MY BUTTHOLE is already red and hurts.  Why would I want anyone near it?

Things only got worse.  She asked about stress.  I told her my mom and dad didn’t have a good relationship and that they divorced when I was 5 and he died recently.  I brought up that I don’t ever orgasm during sex (an issue I ask doctors about and they never give me a good answer).  She asked if my father had ever touched me without permission and then suggested that maybe I was blocking it and stress from that was the reason I can’t orgasm and am having raging diarrhea.

I left with no answers, no help, and a butthole that had been violated.  That’s my day.




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