There is not enough coffee in the world to make morning better in a house with 5 kids

I almost cried this morning.  When I almost cry it’s time to blog.

Child #2 popped in to get her Ipad and bag before heading to college.  Her bag was covered in pee.  The cat who is in withdrawal from his anxiety meds because the person who was supposed to refill them put it off for a week and then the vet’s office put it off because it was $10 more than they told us.  Not peeing on everything in my house seems to be worth $35 a month.

The pee was everywhere, on the shoe rack, on the rug by the door, on me.  I carried the bag carefully down to the washing machine to find:

Child #3 had taken my clean laundry out of the dryer while I was working 10 hours yesterday and put it in the basket the cats sleep in by the furnace, which is full of hair and possibly cat vomit.

I tracked child #3 down and demanded she fix this.

Then I opened the washing machine to find the inside covered with black pet litter?  Or poop?  I found Child #3 who said Child #1 washed a doll?  Weird.  Child #1 claimed she never touched the washing machine yesterday, but whatever it was she washed was now in the trash.  I informed her that she was lying and that we both now know this.

I used a baby wipe to wipe out whatever that was and lysol to clean the cat pee on everything else and that’s when:

I started to cry.

Now I have to get ready to go to work and I already want to hide in my room.



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