Science Experiment by Gina

How to Make Mom Crazy

  1. Eat several apples while laying in bed and chatting on Ipad.
  2. Throw cores in trash can in bedroom from bed with the least amount of movement of legs or arms.
  3. Rest.
  4. For one week add more apple cores to trash can.
  5. During the only 2 minutes of motivation the next week, due to a visit from a friend, remove bag of trash, tie loosely, and place outside bedroom door along with the trash can which now has sticky rotting apple stuck to the trash that migrated into the bottom.
  6. Wait one week.  Step over bag.  Ignore bag.
  7. Complain to Mother that something smells upstairs.
  8. Notice and complain about explosion of fruit flies in the house.
  9. Leave for another state.

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