A REAL MOTHER’S DAY. It’s all about Cat Pee in the Basement. What should I give my wife for Mother’s Day?

People post Mother’s Day wishes all over Facebook to show that they are grateful for all the mothers in their lives.

These posts really just make me feel crappier as Mother’s Day is not normally a good day in my house.

No matter how low my expectations, no matter how much I don’t do holidays, no matter how much I want to NOT CARE:


I have 5 kids and I do everything for them AND I am the primary breadwinner in my house.  I don’t want to whine about everything I do.  I also don’t want to whine about how physically and mentally deteriorated I have become.

I just want to bullet my Mother’s Day so that other mothers who have the same kind of day don’t feel alone in it.  From the looks of Facebook yesterday everyone else had a GREAT FAMILY FILLED DAY OF CELEBRATION.

This blog is for the mothers who didn’t post anything because the most exciting event of the day was poop on the wall and no one wants to see a picture of that.

  •  Gina got up with the boys and let me sleep in until 8, brought me coffee, and made me breakfast.  I am lucky to have Gina.
  •  Emily asked me to buy her a bunch of different stuff  when she is 18 and without a job and whined.
  •  Nick “researched” lawnmowers for another hour and a half while ignoring everything else.  After spending 2 hours a week ago.  And the St. Johnsbury store has 3 mowers and Littleton 4.  That’s 7 mowers to choose from and some are the same mower.
  •  Then he said “I’m ready to go get one.”
  •  I got pissy that he didn’t help get anyone else ready to go.
  •  He said “I’ve been just waiting for you.”
  •  I put two kids down for naps, cleaned up toys and the kitchen, all while he was waiting.
  •  Haley sent me a FUCK YOU text.  This is not unusual.  I was just hoping not to get one on this particular day.
  •  Emily screamed at me repeatedly for saying Get A JOB.
  •  I bought Nick a lawnmower for $360.
  •  and then spent 100 at Walmart on shit for everyone else.
  •  I am pissy that I make the money.
    –and am the MOM
    –and don’t even get flowers or a card.
  •  Then Nick spent another hour on the lawn with his lawnmower, with no gas, just looking at it.
  •  Jude shit on the wall.
  •  And Emily continued to harass me about things. They have Friday off  from school and she wants to go get piercings and play in town. NOT.
  •  She followed me to bed at 10 to whine some more.
  •  I sent Nick a text at work just before 10 saying “I think you should guess why I’m frustrated today.”

HIS REPLY:  Probably because there’s still cat piss in the basement I guess.


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