More about TMJ and that funny fuzzy head feeling

This is a new phase in my life.  My splint is like a really sturdy retainer on the bottom that makes me lisp.  They said it would take some time to speak normally, but it’s been 2 months and I have a lisp still.  Sometimes I walk with a limp as well because of that old hip injury.  Yup, that’s me limping and lisping along.  And I thought the 40’s would be SEXY and I would have it all together.

But I do get a free massage twice a week while they’re trying to get all the muscles in my head and neck to relax.  She said this work was like peeling an onion.  While I am happy to peel that onion I think that once it’s peeled and I’m sent home I’ll just twist right up again.

I haven’t had the funny head feeling in 7 weeks.  I can think!  Someone can be looking for the still packed box of light bulbs and I can say that it’s in the right side of the garage in a brown Huggies babywipes box.  I’m back!


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