The risks of being an older mother after pregnancy

I googled the title and got nothing. I wonder if they’ve even studied it.

Bad bad things happen after giving birth when you can’t recover like a 20 year old.

I don’t know if the TMJ was caused by it, but it did get worse probably due to lack and sleep and stress.  So no eating hard foods or chewy foods.

Then I came down with GERD, acid reflux burning all the way up into my sinuses.  I don’t know when it started because between pregnancies I was ill and then got pregnant again and was ill, but I finally gave up and went to a doctor who gave me omeprazole and told me I would be on it the rest of my life.  Yeah, no.  She said the muscles that keep food down had weakened due to the pressure caused by my uterus growing bigger and pushing up.

Also, after 8 months my cholesterol is high which is the oddest thing as I don’t eat anything on the don’t eat list and I am just assuming pregnancy has something to do with it as a pregnant person has more cholesterol and mine perhaps just hasn’t gone back down.

What really irritates me is that a couple of months after I had Julian I went to many different doctors at Billings Clinic, the ER at West Park Hospital and Urgent care because my ear was always plugged and hurt, then vertigo and the floor feeling spongy, and then head rushes and nausea.  They all looked at me like I was crazy, literally crazy.  Constant ear infection like symptoms without infection can be a sign of TMJ.  GAH

So I will get a splint for my jaw in another week.  Which is wonderful.  Both sides of my jaw come completely out of the socket and around a corner every single time I open my mouth.

And I’ve done some reading on GERD, as all the homeopathic solutions like apple cider vinegar don’t work for me.  I cut down my dosage of the awful omeprazole from 40 to 20 because my stomach was burning and at the same time I started a very low carb diet.  The first day my stomach was a little upset and I felt like I had to keep eating to make it feel better.  The second day wasn’t as bad and I could ignore it at times.  Today is the third day and I felt pretty good most of the day.  I now realize that every time I ate carbs I would get the cool burning in my throat.  In a couple of days I’ll stop taking the poison at all, but I’m worried about withdrawal because I’ve been on it for 3 1/2 weeks.  It did give my throat some time to heal, but I really need stomach acid.  Everyone needs stomach acid.

I was really healthy until I got pregnant at 40 and had two babies.  Now I’m falling apart.


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