Never get a credit card from CHASE.

I used a chase card for 4 years and ran a lot of money through to help my credit and paid off my bill.  I even left a balance sometimes to make it look good.  Then I got a Discover card and decided to go with the 5% cash back plan.  I got a new Chase Card in the mail about 3 years ago and never activated it.  I should have closed the account, but I didn’t.

I switched over my yearly Sirius Radio billing when the radio stopped working and never thought another thing about CHASE.

In February, 2012 my credit score was 2 points from perfect.

UNTIL November 2013 when we bought a second car and I found out that my Chase card had a balance of $333 on it and they had closed the account and sent it to collections.  How had someone used my card if the activated one had expired?

I got in touch with Chase and they sent me to Erick Villamore, 866-932-9147 extension 15808.  I left him a dozen messages.  The extension always went straight to voicemail.  The number always went to voicemail if I didn’t punch in the extension.  Sometimes the number was even disconnected.  I got a letter saying to call him.  This wasn’t working.

I called customer service, who sent me EVERY STATEMENT I EVER HAD AT CHASE.  Another tree bites the dust.

Sirius had charged my yearly fee to a card without a correct expiration date.  I found out this is legal!  I got no statements from Chase, no emails, no phone calls.  They just let it go 6 months, added late fees upon late fees and then closed it.

Customer service put me through to Erick, who played a little game with me called let me put you on hold and pretend to talk to my supervisor.  No, they wouldn’t take off the late fees and let me pay the original balance.  No, they wouldn’t take this off my credit.  He seemed really confused about what I told him about never knowing there was a balance.  He finally said he’d have a different department call me.  No, they didn’t have a number where I could call them.

I got another letter with no name or contact information telling me they did a thorough investigation and the account balance is accurate.

At least the collections place they had sent it to offered to take 2/3 off!  For all the years I was a good customer there, it would have been a nice gesture to help me out by taking off the fees and fixing my credit, even just saying Paid in Full and closed.  I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

I’ve got nowhere really to go from here, except to say I’m not paying it and I may as well just wait for it to fall off.

Oh, and I contacted the 3 credit bureaus along the way, who also “investigated” it, back when I had no idea how there was any balance on the card as I had never activated it.  All 3 said the information was accurate, that I did OWN THE CARD.

I could spend thousands in lawyer’s fees clearing this all up but I think instead I’ll just say








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