I miss my FORD FOCUS and I feel bad it was adopted by a possible serial killer.

I had to sell my car because it wasn’t worth dragging across country again and needed some repairs.  I was hoping it would go to a teenage friend of my daughters, but instead we sold it to some weirdo who asked Nick to bring it to his house and kidnapped him for two hours late at night when he was supposed to be giving the baby his final feeding, leaving me up and exhausted and wondering if he was ever coming back.

I admit I got pissed off that he was still gone and I was an hour past my bedtime.  And then when he got home we didn’t talk about it.  I handed him the baby and went to bed.  And then this morning we were too busy getting the house ready for it to be shown so we didn’t talk.  And then I just called him and he said he sent me an email explaining what happened.  Which really isn’t how I want to handle conflict, but now I’m glad he emailed this because I can post it:

“When I got to his house it took about 5 minutes for him to come out because his wife was being weird about the car. When Tom came out he was like let’s go! We drove the car down mountain view and he pulled into brewgards drive thru and got a six pack of beer. We then drove out to the airport and around beacon hill. Then he said want to see some property I found? He said its just a minute away. We drove to a place by 2AB and drove the car to the river where a house is that his cousin (a really rich guy) just bought. We left there and got back on the highway heading back towards town and he turned onto 2AB. I thought we were coming back to town bypassing the construction. Then just a bit up the road he said I want to show you what I’ve been working on. He is a lonely talkative guy. I said I need to get home. He said it will only be a minute. The place he took me to was a ranch that I worked on for a summer. He took me inside to show me his log restoration project. I was trying to go the whole time. He just talks too much. Then we left and drove back through the construction and back to his house by Travis’s. The whole time while we are driving through town, he was driving probably 15 MPH and I knew you were getting mad before then. I said come on! Drive faster, I need to get home. We went in and he was going to write the check and I was talking to his wife about the new cars she was interested in. Then he just talked and talked and his wife finally wrote the check and then I got him to drive me back to our house. I wasn’t wanting to be out that long at all. I thought it would take maybe an hour. I’m sorry.”

This cracks me up but also makes me wonder if the guy is a budding serial killer, if the check will be any good, and I really miss my lovely little car.  I am so tired today.  If the baby had eaten and gone to bed I might have been fine, but he was up for an extra half hour refusing to burp and farting really loudly.  That’s why I handed him to Nick and went to bed.


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