The best reply at work to my Resignation Letter

Sorry to see you go but I understand the Chicken Farming opportunity. Go you!

I considered the same several years ago and would suggest a bit more research on your part. Although Vermont is a great area, income taxes are quite high there. Nebraska would be a better location. Also you should not restrict the type of poultry are you farming to just to chickens, turkeys fetch a better profit margin in some years. You should also consider expanding your product line as well. Many people eat chicken breasts but legs, thighs, gizzards, livers etc. are also enjoyed by many.

I personally enjoy chicken crown. This is a link to one of my favorites:

Don’t pass up the opportunity to raise therapy chickens.

Boy do I hear you on the memory loss. I have witnessed many having that happen to them through the years. I am surprised your doctor has not discussed hormone therapy with you. Check out these links, it may help with your issues.

So long,



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