The Craziest Thanksgiving

First I’m so pregnant I can’t see my feet.  Something like 16 days to go.  Who keeps track?

So the PLAN was to lay on the couch and let Nick cook and clean and the girls help and  have someone else play with Jude.

Yeah, so much for plans.

Emily had to work at a restaurant from 10-5, but since my stomach is the size of an acorn I thought it would be best to eat small meals all day.  We had $125 worth of seafood, but as long as we waited for her to get off work before eating lobster she was pretty happy.  Scallops for lunch.  Oysters for snack.  Lobster for dinner.

The day started with my stuffing cooking in a crockpot.  It went downhill from there.  By 10:00 Gina and I were eating stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce.  We broke into the pie at 3:00.  The seafood didn’t happen because

By 9:00 Nick was asleep in his recliner.  Then he started vomiting.  Then he said “but I’ll still cook.”

I can’t imagine vomiting this pregnant, so no Nick did not cook.  Nick fell asleep until I kicked him downstairs into bed, where he’s been since.  I lysoled his chair.

So we were down to Gina, Jude, and me.  Gina and I both watched different episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and took naps.  Then we waited for Emily, made green bean casserole and baked lobster tails, ate, and then she kicked me out of the kitchen so she could clean it, which was the nicest thing ever so I shut myself in the bathroom and cried because things hurt so much all the time and I wasn’t supposed to be on my feet today.

Now I’m going to sleep on the couch because my bed is full of germs.



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