Is the Mirena a Good Idea? Can the Mirena just Fall Out?

I thought it was a great idea at first.  More effective than a vasectomy.  Hardly any maintenance.  5 years of not taking pills.

Hell, yes.

Can it fall about without anyone knowing it?

Hell yes.

I did everything I was supposed to do.  Had it checked on 6 weeks after insertion and it was right where it was supposed to be.

But it disappeared, vanished, teleported to someone else’s cervix.  I don’t know when or how and I didn’t cramp or bleed or feel it coming out.

How do I know it’s not there???

I thought the steroid nasal spray was making me ill.  That is one of the side effects.  And then I thought the antibiotic for my ear infection was making me ill.  That is one of the side effects.  Every afternoon around 3:00 I get desperately ill.  Couch laying ill.  Groaning and wishing I could die ill.

I could sue them if it was still in there, embedded in a wall, tearing a hole through to my bladder.  But it’s GONE.  The ultrasound person said she’d never seen one just disappear before and that it might have gotten caught on a tampon or come out if I was constipated.  Steroid nasal spray makes me constipated.

How can birth control just fall out?

What other birth control can cause such harm?

What other birth control fails and tears through a fetus, breaks apart, puts hole through things, requires surgery to take out?

They say it’s more effective than tubal ligation or a vasectomy.  But it seems they aren’t counting the times it vaporizes, POOF.

I keep looking around at the floor thinking I’m going to see it lying there.  “Oh, there you are!”


$800 just for the IUD, more for the insertion, $600 for the ultrasound to check on it.  $270,000 when it goes POOF.

Don’t do it!!!!


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