Do Other Moms talk this Way

Conversation in my van on the way home from Bountiful Baskets:

So what’s the plan tonight?

Josie and Katilee and I are going to the dance but they’re going home after.

Well have fun.  Have sex and drugs and Rock and Roll because I was never allowed to do anything with friends during high school and you should make up for that.

Stunned Silence.

Well, you’re date is GAY.  So it shouldn’t be a problem.

He’s bisexual.

But he said he’s wearing a dress to the dance so I just don’t see it happening.



Back when I was a kid so many years ago none of these things was ever mentioned.  It’s not that it didn’t exist.  It was just hidden.  We were all taught that everyone needed to be completely normal, meaning marry someone of the opposite sex, have children, attend church, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t swear, don’t listen to bad music.  Don’t have sex.  I don’t feel that the times have changed, except that we talk more openly about what’s going on.  How boring life would be if everyone was exactly the same.



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