Sinus infection that led to a Middle Ear Infection, Flonase

Saturday night I gave up.  After three months of deafness and water in my sinuses I went to Urgent Care because 1) They are open on Sunday and I couldn’t wait one more frustrating minute and 2) They are cheaper than seeing my doctor.  I had put off this visit because we all know what antibiotics do to me.  And to others.  So many people find this blog when searching for WHY IS MY TONGUE WHITE?

The doctor looked in my ears and they were perfectly OKAY.  No sign of infection.  She place her icy hands on my cheekbones and pushed.  No, my sinuses don’t hurt.  I have a middle ear infection, behind my eardrums and into my eustachian tubes.  Small children get this.  Or mothers whose small children like to stick their snotty little fingers inside their mother’s mouths.

She prescribed Flonase and said it would take about a month to get rid of the inflammation and blockage.  So far I just feel lightheaded and there’s a weird burning sensation in my throat.  Icy burning.  More curious than anything else.  I can’t hear any better yet, but it isn’t any worse.

So I looked up the side effects and cataracts are on that list!  I’m going to be able to hear, but I’m going to have milky blind eyes!  Well at least it’s better than having a huge yeast problem and having a milky white tongue and milk white . . . oh never mind.


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