Juicing makes it so easy to drink the vegetables that would otherwise sit in the refrigerator until they turn mushy and I put my hand through them when I’m trying to reach the BBQ sauce in the back.  I’m a haphazzard juicer.  I throw in whatever is around and never go by a recipe.  Most of the time this works out fine, but this morning I made a juice with carrots, celery, beet greens, ginger and apple that made me go GAHHHHHH and then wish I had something to rinse my mouth out with.

The two things I have trouble adding too much and ending up with something a cow would throw up are celery and beets.

I’m going to work on perfecting a cucumber and parsley drink tonight that doesn’t make me want to wipe off my tongue on a green scrubbie.  I have been buying bountiful baskets for a month now and I have to eat whatever I get.  That’s the fun part of it.  There’s a big yellow thing on my kitchen counter that is not yet identified, but will go nicely with the pineapple and some oranges in the morning.  And I am 8 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant a year and a half ago.