Inauguration Day and One of those Life Changing Moments

He had the television on all day watching the inauguration.  He must have run out of do-it-yourself shows.  It was a good day full of hopeful speeches and thankfulness that we are advancing as a country despite all my beer chugging republican friends on facebook.

AND THEN he had surgery on his knee, which should have been quick and the recovery time only two weeks and then back to normal.  Except that the surgeon said he has no cartilage left in his knee and CANNOT continue to work as an electrician or any other job that he’s skilled at or loves and now he can only work a desk job.  A desk job?  So now he’s sitting at home recovering and knows that he has two weeks to figure this out, that he has to drop out of school, that he has to find a job he doesn’t really want, and that our great plan is over.  Just like that.

Which brings me to the connection between the inauguration and the day that our lives changed.  Here’s a man who has worked hard since the age of 15.  He has no health insurance.  His family can’t afford the basics without his income.  And one day BAM his career ends and he has no skills and can’t take the time off to get any.  Does he do this because he likes being a victim?  Does he feel entitled?  Does he want to live off the taxpayers?

This could happen to anyone.  It just happened to happen to us.


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