For Haley: Been there, Done that. What to eat when you’ve got no money.

She spent the money I sent her with, when it could have bought food for a month or more while she’s looking for a job.  I think from now on I will mail her a box of healthy light cheap food which means she’ll have plenty of rice cakes and granola bars.

I sent her a list of all area food banks because I’m a good mother.

But dear Haley, we’ve all been hungry.

We’ve all eaten Ramen until our guts hurt like appendicitis.

We’ve all varied our flavors of beef and chicken and shrimp so as to get a balanced diet.

We’ve all sprinkled Mrs. Dash on our brown rice to add some flavor.

We’ve all made tomato soup with ketchup.

We’ve all eaten a different kind of Ben and Jerry’s seconds every day in order to vary our fruit intake.

We’ve all spent a week fasting because we had no money and eating noodles with soy sauce because that’s all there was in the kitchen.

It builds character and an appreciation for real food and for people who can afford real food.

Maybe I should keep a picture journal of what the family has for dinner so that she’ll really miss us:  quiche, tacos, beef stew.

Oh, Haley.  I miss you.



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