Gina goes to Court, and what would a homeless person do with Dr. Who?

At 1:00 today Gina has to appear before a judge to explain why she was out past curfew.  I find the whole thing ridiculous as she never gets in trouble.  I really think they confused her with her older sister.

Speaking of older sister, I was browsing for good Christmas gifts and found a life size cardboard Dr. Who.  She got so excited I swear she peed herself.  This is all great except that she also wishes I would kick her out so that she can live on the street.  “The street is better than living in THIS HOUSE.”  So what would she do with a life size Dr. Who?  Carry him around?  Use him to get into low income housing as a member of her household?  Beg people to take him in when it gets really cold outside?  Find his phone booth to sleep in?  I don’t think there are any left in Cody.

It seems like I should give her something more reasonable for sleeping on the streets.  A KMart shopping cart for instance.  A really warm coat that she could use as a tent or a carpet for her cardboard box.  Gloves with the fingers cut out.  A year’s supply of toilet paper with many uses.  What do homeless people want?

I will not buy her a ticket to anywhere, or minutes on her phone, or a car.  I would just be prolonging the inevitable.  Maybe Dr. Who wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  She could bend him over and sleep under him.  She would always have someone to talk to.  She could tie him to the shopping cart and use him as a sail.  She could even use him to start a fire to keep warm when it’s 20 below in January.

Kids are weird.


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