Teenagers and Karma

We all wait for that moment when our teenagers finally grow up realize that we were right about everything.  We fantasize about them coming over one day for a visit, asking us to sit down on the couch, and then saying something like:

You were right.  I am so sorry I was such a pain in the ass.  Can I make you a cup of tea?

I didn’t have to wait until she is 28 for that moment.

She slept on the couch all night as she sometimes does.  I HATE it.

In the morning I discovered the laundry room door was closed and ask Nick if he had closed it.  Yes, during the debate the night before so he could hear the television over my laundry.  And then he forgot to open it, which is all fine except that is where the kitty litter is.

Well, then one of the cats peed somewhere and this time you’re going to find it.

He went to work.

Meanwhile the child had moved to her room because of all the noise of the other girls getting ready for school.

2 hours later I woke her up to watch the baby.

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”  She cried from her room.

I have cat shit all over me!

And she did.  She’d gone to sleep in her pants and it was smear back and front because she had rolled around in it.

Two hours in cat shit.

Well, the cat did pick the dirtiest place in the house to go.



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