Inches and Minutes on Facebook Status: What is this?

Good question!  Why is this going around again?  A message is being forwarded by women to the inboxes of their friends and kept secret from all males.

It SAYS it is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

I fail to see how this supports breast cancer awareness because it appears to support teenage girls in writing inappropriate sexual posts on facebook and raising the curiousity of men everywhere.  Everyone is thinking about penis length and how long it took to get off, not my high risk of getting breast cancer in the next few years, my lack of insurance, my sometimes twice yearly mammograms, and the very real worry that if Romney wins this elections women’s rights will have regressed to the 1920’s.

My young daughters are posting things that horny young boys are questioning and in return look like whores.  They think it’s all fun, because in a twisted way using the very real horror of breast cancer as an excuse, they get to talk about something they know is otherwise not appropriate on facebook.  Something I would tell them to take down and so they wouldn’t have posted it in the first place.  Except this is for a cause and so it’s okay.

Yay, this ridiculousness got on national news last year!  Posting sexual comments on the social media, objectifying women as sexually open and begging for it, the bigger the better–is just following along in the sexism that already exists and that women have been fighting for decades.

Wouldn’t the women of the suffrage movement be aghast at this attempt to “raise awareness” of women’s issues by degrading women?


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