Since I had the second Mirena put in I sometimes feel a little bipolar.  Not in a bad way.  In a manic, I talk alot and can’t seem to slow down way.  Which in my life is probably a good thing as I added taking care of a baby to an already overwhelming life and didn’t subtract anything else.

Today for example I became a little crazy and started lecturing my husband on efficiency in the kitchen.  Because he does this crazy thing with dishes.  That’s always made me crazy but I wouldn’t say anything.  Until now.  I’ll blame the Mirena.  Let me tell you what he did and then you decide who the crazy one is (and it’s fine with me if you pick me).

I asked him to pick up the kitchen because I was picking up the living room.  Then I walked into the kitchen and he’d only gotten as far as rinsing the dishes and putting them in a sick.  He rinses and piles.  I rinse and put in the dishwasher.  I’ve got the counters wiped down, the food put away, and the dishes in the dishwasher in the time he takes to rinse.

Then he took the two dirty pans on the stove, spent 5 minutes and 20 gallons of water to rinse them, then filled up the sink with soapy water for them to soak in.  Someone had cooked a tortilla in one and the other was barely used as well.  Water waste kills me too even if he claims it doesn’t matter because it all recycles.

(FYI:  The first pan is still soaking in the sink 4 hours later.)

Is he trying to get out of actually doing the dishes with all this rinsing and stacking and soaking?

And why does this bother me?  The man is trying to help.

It’s just not efficient.  And I felt the need to tell him this.

When I get the next City bill I will show him how much we pay for waste water.  That might be what it takes.


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