39 and a half weeks pregnant and PLEASE MAKE THIS END

Part I:  I have to see yet another doctor today, the third I’ve had.  First I’m going to go shower and shave because a stranger gets to see my huge belly, my hemmorhoids, and stick her hand up my hoohang.  And yes, wordpress spellcheck.  Hoohang is a word when your baby’s head is making things down there look like it has been holding up 25 pounds of dead weight and losing the battle.

Part II:  I saved this as a draft and ran off to work, but I should finish it before I’m 40 weeks and the title doesn’t work anymore.  The new doctor was fine.  She gave me until tomorrow to try to get him out on my own.  My blood pressure is too high, I’m sure that’s because I’m old and my body is done being pregnant.   Or maybe because he’s causing me pain.  I’m so tired of pain.  Tomorrow morning I head to the hospital to have them check me and then if it’s still high they’ll finish this for me.  I don’t know if I’m hoping I’m still ill or not.

I’m afraid I’ll name him Cue Ball if he keeps attacking me like he does.  And now the kids start Spring Break tomorrow and their other grandmother is dying and my great uncle is as well.  So I wonder how my blood pressure is supposed to go down.  And now, they aren’t flying back to Massacusetts.  I am more than broke right now and they can’t go into a situation like that without my support and I couldn’t fit into an airplane seat if I tried.

I can’t believe I’m due in 3 days and I have to go to work.  Life isn’t always fair.  And then there’s this:

Wordle: Hippie and the Midgetswordle

Hmmmm, that little link above seems to want to stay there and the way I feel means I’m going to let it.  Wordle is a site that took words from this blog and made a pretty little scramble of them.  I love this one more especially because of the bright green word right in the middle.

I need something to laugh at!


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