37 Weeks Pregnancy

I’m whiny, but I’ll keep that part short for those who care, but still don’t want to hear it.  Sinus infection.  UTI.  Antibiotics.  Haven’t we been here before?  Screw up my pH and it’s all over for several months.  But I’m pregnant and what am I supposed to do?

So now that that’s over let’s move on to the Meaningful Question of the Week:

Why are car guys the worst ones to take to buy a car?

or almost anything else?

The leg bouncing up and down out of nervousness.  Looking at me for support.  Not knowing how bad a credit score he had.    Making me look awesome as the one with the ability to buy.    I have to remind myself that we both own the same Kirby vacuum and that I negotiated a better price.

There are so many things that make me curious these days.  Like why do bunnies eat their own poop?  And now that I’m trying out timothy hay pellets as litter, is there anything more disgusting that a bunny eating her own litter?

And is there anything worse than picking up a t-shirt and thinking it’s going to be too big to wear and then pulling it on and realizing that it couldn’t be any tighter without getting stuck in it?

And then there’s this scene last night that I just had to take a picture of to prove:

What does this mean?


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