Another beautiful moment in the everyday life of ME. Why I never put tinsel on a Christmas tree.

This is a post about that cat I found in the closet, Marley, who has cost me for neutering and another $200 when he decided to pee all over the house because he had an infection and was peeing blood and then they couldn’t get a urine sample no matter how much they squeezed him so they kept him overnight and cost me a fortune.

I was sitting on the couch yesterday with Nick, while Nick was so nicely rubbing my poor aching, swollen feet.  Marley was sitting behind my head and THWAP THWAP THWAP hitting me with his tail.  Something he doesn’t usually do.  I thought nothing of it until he jumped down and did a weird little Marley dance around the living room, coming back to jump up on Nick’s lap and across to mine, sticking his ass in my face so that I would notice the sickly yellowish-greenish foot long string hanging out of his ass.

My first thought was:

Wow, that can’t be comfortable.

My second thought was:

Who would eat a string?

Followed by a third thought that motivated some action:

I have pulled enough Christmas tinsel out of cats’ asses in this lifetime.  This is not my job anymore.

So I called Emily over and told her to take the cat and his string in to Haley who was still asleep in bed, although I’m sure the rest of us had been up half a day already.  An interesting new way to get her out of bed.  Here’s your cat.  Here’s his ass.  Do something.

Amazingly she came out and took him into the bathroom.  I found myself yelling from the living room:

I’ve pulled enough tinsel out of cats’ asses in my lifetime.  This is why there isn’t any tinsel on the Christmas Tree

Only afterward did I wonder if Nick every thought he’d hear me yell that when he kindly agreed to marry me.

He probably didn’t predict the conversation that occurred after Haley had handled things either.

Did the string start out that color or was it once white?

Did Marley make string out of all the ends of Qtips he eats?

How full of cotton is he?

Is that look on his face from being violated?




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