Districtlines.com is no Santa

I don’t get Livelavalive.  I don’t even know how to say it.  It appears to be about posting the stupidest videos on youtube in order to gain viewers and fame.  But my youngest child is in love with this boy or these boys and really really really wanted something of theirs for Christmas.

I admit that I delayed ordering anything until 10 days before Christmas.  Districtlines seems to be the only place to order what she wanted, but the shipping rates were higher than my rabbit after eating a catnip ball.

What’s today?  January 4th.  I haven’t seen the package yet.  I haven’t received an email reply to my customer service request from December 13rd.  I have seen that it finally shipped on the 26th and sat in Florida for 3 days at Fed Ex and that it’s now sitting in Colorado since the 28th.  What is it doing?  Partying?

Livelavalive:  Find someone else to carry your merchandise.

This reminds me of the webcam that Nick bought me and showed up after 3 weeks with Chinese writing and stamps that said it was airmailed across China.

Now I’m going to go back to playing fetch with the cat with a Qtip.



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