Easy Cheese

I can still reach my toes.  It’s just really uncomfortable to bend like that.  So when I asked three teenagers who are all on Christmas Break if someone could please take off the remnants of old nail polish and they all ignored me I can only assume that they care more for the Xbox, Nintendo 3DS, laptops, and the can of Easy Cheese they smuggled into my bag during self-checkout.  The store alarm should have gone off seeing as everything else I was buying was fresh vegetables.

Crap in a CAN ALERT!

I feel a little guilty today since Nick got up at the butt crack of 4:30 to go to work and he’ll be gone until 5:30 tonight or later.  I know growing a human is hard work, but all I’ve done today is ask the kids to do the dishes, take them grocery shopping with me, beg for some upkeep on my toes, watch old episodes of BONES, eat, burp up food, and try to breathe.  It is hard work because it’s so boring to sit around and I just want to DO SOMETHING.  I thought about cleaning the backyard where the dogs have carried things out of the garage like my gardening shoes.  And then the couch called me and I ended up talking to Gina about skulltulas.

It would seem like I have plenty of time to write.  Except my brain is mush and I can’t find words or I switch them or the wiring from my brain to my tongue is tangled.  Now is not a good time to be serious about anything.

At least there are 6 seasons of BONES to catch up on.




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