Wyoming Rednecks Take it out on My Car.

I’m pretty sure I blogged about that idiot Texan who backed into my car in the middle of a street at a light after doing an illegal Uturn to cut me off.  That was September.  His trailer hitch put a hole in my front bumper.

Today I was at a swim meet in Powell.  My car was parked at the edge of the parking lot, along the curb, miles from any other car.  My husband went out to drink his coffee and found a big black truck with a big grill and a trailer hitch parked very very closely in front of mine.  He walked to the front of my car and found that the truck had backed into mine and dented my license plate.

Then because it was snowing and wet he was able to see my car past the dirt and bug carcasses and found a third hole between the license plate and the Texas hole where someone else since September had also hit my car.

Seriously?  Three times?  That’s too much of a coincidence for a little blue Focus.  With bumper stickers suggesting I’m a mom with a sense of humor.  And possibly a liberal.  And a glass umbrella hanging from the rear view mirror.  Possibly a liberal since it’s not a gun rack or part of a dead creature.  And a big stuffed pokemon with it’s mouth covered in safety pins.  Possibly with very odd children who have piercings and tattoos.

It’s not a coincidence at all that they keep backing into my stopped or parked car.  It’s Wyoming, male dominated, republican, gas guzzling big truck driving people (I can’t say men because the only one I’ve seen is the Texan) who think nothing of hitting space saving high gas mileage family cars.  I wonder what would happen if I put my Obama 2012 bumper sticker on there.  I’d probably get shot at.

One might reasonably ask why I live here.  In Vermont there were plenty of other people just like me.  People who recycle.  People who pick up trash as they take a walk around town.  People who keep the heat low and the water heater small.  But what good could I do there?  The easy way is not my way.

Someone from work said their first impression of me was that I was a feminist East Coaster who was going to teach everyone how to do things and that I was cold.  She said a week later she saw me at the movie theater with my husband and decided she was wrong.  But here’s the thing:  I am a smart underhanded feminist and I have an agenda.  But I won’t do anything that puts a target on my back.  I’m much more subtle.  I get other people to speak for me.  I plant the small seeds of ideas of equality and environmentalism, among other things.  I explain the Occupy protest to my children who bring it up in class (where sadly they are told the whole thing is bogus).

But this car war has to end and so I’m installing spikes on the front of my car.  Walmart sells a spiked license plate: Here!

I’m against violence but not against saving my car from harassment.


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