Pregnancy 16 weeks and a day

This thing really is one day at a time.  I have insomnia.  Maybe this is preparing me for being up at night afterward, but I think that by the time I give birth I’m going to hand off the baby to someone else and sleep for a week.

I blew my ever mucous plugged nose this morning and peed halfway down my leg.  I didn’t know I used the same muscles for blowing my nose and peeing.  I think that at night my bladder refuses to let anything out because I get up 3 times to pee and very little comes out, but in the morning I pee like Tom Hanks.  Note to self:  Sit on the toilet to blow your nose in the morning from now on.

Alcohol tastes bad.  I really hate it.  My last favorite thing after losing everything else to IBS and I’ve had 3/4 of a bottle of wine since this whole thing started and it’s LOVE MY GOAT which is just so good.  But not now.  Will it go bad before I’m done?

My complexion is either perfect or I wake up in the morning with three huge zits on my nose that appeared out of nowhere.  It’s one way or the other, like my appetite.  I ate butternut squash soup yesterday for lunch with whipped cream on the top and then nothing else the rest of the day because I felt like crap.

I like the phrase “advanced maternal age” much better than “elderly gravida” which means old uterus.  I keep hearing about women in their late thirties who are tagged as old and I’m way past that point.  I’m “one step from a wheel chair pregnant.”  And the ridiculous thing is that I’m still really healthy:  good blood pressure, no anemia, had three other babies with no issues at all.  I’m so much better off than the rest of the young and pregnant population.  I should be given a prize for that instead of looked at funny.

And my gut looks like it does when I eat cheese, so it’s hard to imagine there’s something alive inside it.  I mean, it rolls around like gas which is completely normal for me on any other given day, so sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant and I think that  I just ate something on my Bad Foods List.  The only difference is that now I wear clothes that show off my gut when before I tried to hide it under button down shirts and sweaters.

A friend asked for pictures of my belly, but seriously I just look like I have a beer gut.  I’ll wait until my uterus overtakes my gut and then maybe.  But who would want to see that anyway?


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