Do Grizzly Bears Try to Stay out of the Rain, and What would you do if a Grizzly charged?

I went up the North Fork with 2 friends today to hunt for bear from the car and it was another dud trip.  With pouring rain all the way I didn’t really expect any intelligent animal would just be standing by the side of the road waiting for me to take pictures.  My friend V says that bears don’t care about water and don’t care that it’s pouring, but if I was a bear I would find a cave or a big tree to huddle under.  I’d be a finicky bear.

She’s obsessed with staying safe from grizzlies, while at the same time she wants to find them.  On a rocky stretch of river one day she turned to me (as I carried a huge piece of petrified wood) and asked:

If a bear charged across the river right now at us, would you shit your pants?

I made that thinking hard face that has left a permanent vertical wrinkle between my eyes.

My reply:

No, because I would have to stop and put in effort to shit myself.  I can seeing peeing down my leg as I run toward the car, but shitting takes time and concentration.

I don’t think the bear would care that I had taken the time to smell like shit.  Bears like shit.

And I think they don’t really care about rain, but aren’t going to go through any extra effort if they don’t have to.

The bear would probably stop to think about how I consider it to be smarter than it is lazy and would run after V instead.


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