An Announcement: Pregnant at 40

This was taken a week ago.  I imagine it now is at least double the size.  I know that my gut is.  Yesterday I put on this buttondown shirt for work and it was just so OBVIOUS that I was pregnant that I had to change, because no one at work knew yet.  Hopefully today that will change because I posted this picture on Facebook and news spreads like a virus.

I’ve had lots to say–more like lots to whine about, but it’s hard to whine when the thing you’re whining about is a secret.  Now we get to play catchup!  I should probably start by saying that my allergies are out of control and that I got 2 hours of sleep last night, so I’m feeling pretty wooooozy.  This has been going on for over two weeks, due to a wet spring and dry end of the summer–all that ragweed and sage and other stuff out there blows into town every day and my sinuses stop working.  I’m taking ClaritinD, but I’m not sure it’s helping and it does raise my blood pressure, which I can feel because my heart races and I get weak really easily.

Do you remember all those posts about my gut and how much I want it to go away (but am too lazy/busy to do anything about it)?  Well, now it reaches well over the edge of my laptop and sometimes uses the touchpad to change what I’m typing.  And it’s going to get bigger!!!!  Why would I do this to myself?

But thank goodness today I don’t have to wrap it all up tightly, like Yentl, and I can just walk around with my pants unbuttoned.

It’s hard to compare this pregnancy with earlier ones, seeing as my last was 14 years ago!!!  I was less sick this time and less fatigued, but that could be because I had 3 in 4 years pretty much by myself and I was tired all the time.  Now I can get away with lying on the couch and groaning.  I am weaker.  I get light headed alot and feel weak after coming up the stairs.  I can feel it sucking the nutrients out of my body.  And I’m already very uncomfortable.  The ligaments and things that stretch so easily in your 20’s no longer stretch without pain.  I also keep forgetting to sit up slowly and seem to use my abs to get upright, which hurts!  Who knew I was doing sit-ups every time I get off the couch?

Well, I’ve got to go to work.  Even if I feel terrible.  There will be too much time later on spent at home.


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