I don’t want to go to work today.

I feel like I’d rather lay on the couch and sniffle.  The weed pollen is extremely high and I can’t breathe through my nose.  Plus all the other stuff.  I got up this morning and went to the bathroom and tried to blow my nose.  A high pitched whistle was the only thing that came out, high like a dog whistle.  Gina laughed at me.

I wander around the house saying “I’m dying . . .” but no one seems to care.  They roll their eyes and leave the room.

And that’s probably why I don’t blog much right now.

Other than the thought that most of what I’d write would probably offend someone right now and I’m not in the mood to deal with this.

I go through times when I like people and times when I can’t stand them.  I mean, in general.  And I’m in a can’t stand them right now time, so it’s best if I’m just quiet.


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