I never thought the day would come when I’d be cleaning BUNNY POOP from a PUPPET’S FACE.

I don’t think that was in the contract I signed when I agreed to be a parent.  I was groggy and not really thinking at the time, but I think it said something about lots of cute baby laughter and adoring helpful teenagers.  Okay, maybe I was high and drunk and sleep deprived.  I missed the small print that talked about standing barefoot in an inch of toilet water, cleaning jelly off my keyboard, and saving puppets from being marked by the pets.

That rabbit must really hate Sunny, the puppet.  I’m sure she smells like Gina and everyone else in the house.  So the bunny must have thought that pissing on her nose would make Gina forget all about Sunny and cause Gina to only think about the bunny and how wonderful she is.

Instead Gina abandoned the bunny and moved her into the kitchen and said “I don’t want the bunny anymore, MOM.”

Well, I’m sure Gina has peed on things that belong to me too.  My bed.  My clothes.  My husband.  And she’s still here, isn’t she.


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