Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine Vacation

I just got back from spending 2 weeks in Vermont.  Well, 10 days really with a day of driving and a day of flying on either end.  A long trip that I’m sure I will be paying for tomorrow in more ways than just a huge credit card bill.

AND I KEPT NOTES.  I carried a journal around with me to write things down.  WOOHOO, I haven’t forgotten every single thing that happened on my vacation!!!!!  I guess bulleting is the easier way to get through it, although I hate to squash 2 weeks into a single post.  But let’s start that way.

  • Liquor stores at the rest areas in New Hampshire.
  • Okay, I should describe that one in more detail.  On our way down the state of New Hampshire headed to the ocean there were signs on the interstate for New Hampshire State Liquor Stores at the rest areas, along side of course Safety Check buildings.  I understand that the place I live in now has drive-through liquor stores, but there is still something wrong with having stores at rest areas on an interstate where we’re all driving 75.  And what’s the safety check for?  To see if we’re over the limit yet?
  • And lottery tickets.  It’s like a little bit of Sin City at each rest area.  We’re just missing the hookers.
  • There is an awesome house for sale in York, Maine on the beach on Nubble Road, headed to Nubble Lighthouse.  Nubble. Nubble. Nubble.  It’s being sold for 3.5 million.  The yearly taxes are about $25,000.  Even if someone gave this incredible house to us we couldn’t afford the taxes.  It’s more than double what we pay on our mortgage every year.
  • The hotel asked me what kind of car I was driving and I wasn’t sure because I borrowed it from my father.  And I don’t care, as long as it starts, which has always been my one requirement for a car.  So I think I’ll write that on hotel registration forms from now on:  One that starts when I turn the key.
  • Now this is just concerning to me.  I was sitting on the rock wall area, waiting for the tide to go down and this woman was collecting seaweed and I couldn’t quite believe itSo I took another.

Then I wondered what she thought of someone taking her picture while she did this.  But then I realized that if she’s dumb enough to collect her lunch at the beach where I also watched three dogs take a dumb in the surf and two mothers dip their naked babies asses in the water before diapering them, I guess she might not care about the pictures.

  • The TOMTOM is crazy.  Everytime we went from the beach to somewhere in town it gave us a different route.  It was a scenic tour of York.  I’m not sure what it bases its route on, but it’s not the same thing everytime.  Sometimes it was a trailer park we had to see.  Sometimes it wanted us to go in circles.  Most of the time it was 200 yards behind.
  • But it did give us the Shipyard Brew Pub in Eliot, Maine.  The Peach Sangria was awesome.  Nick loved the beer.  We ate mussels, crabcakes, haddock stuffed with crab, and I just fell in love with the whole thing.  The best place I’ve ever been to in Maine.  And I was born in Maine, so I would know.  Go there!
  • And now I’m too tired to write anymore.  Although I have so much more to say.  I’ll leave you with the picture of Nick running in to the ocean as excited as a little kid.

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