Please Don’t Make Me Drive That: Why My Husband Promised He Wouldn’t Take My Car Again

He had to go to the next town over yesterday and as his big old suburban only runs in 2nd and 3rd gear he had to take my car.  It’s been almost a year since his transmission stopped working well.  Almost a year of being able to only drive around town.

So he drove it to my work to trade with me for my car for a couple of hours

And left a wrench for me to start it with

As I can’t seem to start it just by turning the key, like in any NORMAL vehicle.

So I had to go out to someone’s house for work for an hour

And made it there fine, but on the way back, as I was crossing 4 lanes of traffic, the whole metal piece the key goes into FELL OFF.  I got to my parking lot, parked it, panicked about turning it off now that the key was the only thing holding the ignition on, pulled the key out, picked the part off the floor and tried to push it back on.  Yeah, right.  So I left the keys, the wrench, and the metal part of the ignition in the cup holder for him.

I told him not to let me drive it.

For some reason I’m okay starting a car with a hammer, but not with a wrench.

He promised he’d never make me drive it again, but somehow I think he was really saying “I don’t want you in my vehicle again, pulling parts off and twisting things.  It’s a great vehicle and I love it and you broke it.”

I’ve asked him a few times over the past year if he wants to buy something else.

“But the TIRES ARE NEW,” he always replies.


One thought on “Please Don’t Make Me Drive That: Why My Husband Promised He Wouldn’t Take My Car Again

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