Trump’s Ingenious Plan To Help Obama Win Reelection

I was sitting in front of msn’s morning news when I saw that one of the things they found most important to tell me today was that:

Gary Busey Wants Trump For President.

This doesn’t surprise me all that much as Gary Busey is known for being a little crazy.

But then I realized that TRUMP IS A GENIUS.

He is distracting the republican party by taking up almost all the media attention and creating a circus over issues that have already been laid to rest.

And this is the best part:

I believe it is his plan to fracture the party and steal votes from actual real politicians, in order to help Obama get reelected.  Because anyone in their right mind is not going to vote for Trump.  Not even republicans.  Which is hard for me to say, but I can type those words as long as I can control the twitching in my left hand.

Seriously, why else would Trump run?  He would never want us to take a good look at his business dealings.


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