When I can’t think of anything else to write I make LISTS

  • Someone used my email address to sign up for SPAM.  And it’s all from central Massachusetts.  I know who you are!
  • If being a congressman was an unpaid volunteer position with no free perks I’ll bet all those rich old white men wouldn’t apply.
  • My kitten is much nicer now that his TALONS have been amputated.
  • Yes, marijuana will bring down your fertility.
  • Often I think that Christians like to talk about torture so much because they think porn and vampire books are sinful.  It’s their “innocent” version of watching horror films.
  • I don’t think hiking, horseback riding, and then cleaning out some old Native American’s house while sleeping in a church and not showering leads me to want you in my car.
  • Riding a bike into the wind makes me feel like I keep pedaling and nothing happens.
  • I didn’t realize how far it was to Las Vegas until I pulled up a map 4 days before I was leaving.  How did it get so close to California?  Why did I think it would be FUN to drive there?  If I don’t come back you’ll know I decided to just live in Utah.  And become a Mormon.  Are they allowed to drink wine?
  • Spending 2 hours on sidewalk chalk without looking at the weather forecast is like stepping into the street without looking both ways, which is something I also do.

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