The Disastrous Consequences of taking Advil Sinus

I’m back to one of those Toilet posts that I write sometimes, so if you get queasy or don’t want to hear about my digestive issues come back some other day when I’ve eaten only rice and bananas.

I’ve been sick. And I have to work. So I’ve been taking advil sinus just to get through the days. Otherwise I’m sneezing, coughing, yawning and spreading germs everywhere and although I did threaten (in my head) to follow my supervisor around and offer to go home for $200) I stuck it out.

But advil sinus has a devastating domino effect on my body. Unquenchable thirst, muscle spasms in my back, dehydration, constipation, and finally a bathroom flood right at bedtime. It went down. I swear. And then the kids all got ready for bed and it was flushing badly, but not dangerously. Until I blew my nose, threw the tissue in the toilet and flushed one more time. My man came in just as I was headed for a mop and did the GUY THING, he went to the closet, found ALL the bath towels and threw them into the pond shouting


It was easier to send him back to the garage than to have him throwing bath towels around with tears of grief running down his cheeks.

I headed in, socks on, and stood on the bath towel mountain he created and soaked up all the water in my mop until the floor was almost dry.

Which is when he came back in to critique see how I was doing. He then violently plunged the toilet, sending waves of water onto the floor that I had already mopped up.

I would have seen the silver lining in this, that my bathroom floor was now cleaned for once, except that I had just cleaned it on Monday and now the bathtub had my wet, dirty bathmat in it and there was a load of bath towels to wash. Did I mention that I was sick? And that my socks were wet?

I can’t really blame him. It was all caused by dehydration due to advil sinus.


One thought on “The Disastrous Consequences of taking Advil Sinus

  1. I love your sense of humor and can almost see all of this happening. Nick did good. I wish we could get to know each other better, I promise…I will not be a pain in the butt mother-in-law.

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