Anything I write seems insignificant compared to what’s going on in Japan. The general level of anxiety for the people I work with has risen enormously and some think that it might be the END OF DAYS. This is almost an excuse for them not to keep working and to instead wait to be rescued from their struggles by impending doom. A strange way to look at life.
On top of this, I am sick, really really sick for the first time in a couple of years. And I don’t get paid sick days so I still go to work spreading the joy, licking doorknobs, and shivering. I have thought about following my supervisor closely around and then offering to just go home if he gives me $100.
$100 so that a sick person doesn’t lick doorknobs. I’d do it if I were him.
This whole thing really dates me too. My husband is only 5 years younger than I am, but he didn’t know what Chernobyl was, or three mile island, or the Manhattan project. I guess I grew up in the last days of the COLD WAR when nuclear threat was ingrained in our heads. There have always been disasters. This is nothing new. Maybe it’s the people who don’t remember the past who now think we’re all doomed.
So then he decided to watch 2012, which caused even me some anxiety this time around because of all the tsunamis. One of my girls turned to me and said:
Do you have a plan for us in case something happens?
My reply:
We live right next to Yellowstone. We won’t know we’re dead until afterward.
Which is true. There’s no plan for getting out of here, except to drive into Yellowstone and find Woody Harrelson and stand next to him while the whole thing explodes.
Honestly, I’m not too worried. There’s not much I can do about anything, except to keep people moving on and to watch the news.
I really want to be well again.


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