The Quick Tour of San Diego

I don’t think there’s ever been a faster vacation on record.  It wasn’t really a vacation to begin with.  I went with a co-worker to San Diego to one of HAP’s EMDR trainings.  HAP is the Humanitarian Assistance Program and can be found here.

They have low (ER) cost training for people who work at non-profit agencies.  It’s really nice to not have to pay thousands for a weekend of training for my low paying job with the sliding fee scale $1 clients who really need help from someone who doesn’t charge them a fortune.

So we flew out of cold Billings, Montana on Thursday morning.  Arrived in San Diego late afternoon.  Even though I’d been told otherwise, I still pictured San Diego as a flat desert town.  It was much more of a desert oasis with hills and well manicured landscaping.  Just gorgeous.

For the next three days we went to 10 hour trainings and then worked out a plan, down to the minute, of who to see, where to visit, what to shop for, what to eat that wouldn’t hurt, and places to take pictures of.  Run, run, run.  Fit it all in.  There’s the ocean!  Ooops, gotta get back to class.  Here’s the mall!  I’m too tired to shop more than a few minutes.  Look, homeless teenage bums asking for money to stay drunk!  Look, here’s where the homeless people live!  Look, there’s the downtown, the harbor, the best park, the Charger’s stadium, In and Out burger.

Add onto this that the trainings were intense and practice time hurt my otherwise overloaded brain.  By the third night of training we went to some Mexican restaurant and were feeling so brain dead that we couldn’t form complete sentences and just ended up laughing about


Which is our new therapeutic approach.  I know my last homegrown theory of STOP IT is a little different.

I would never live in San Diego because it costs so much, the intersecting highways are ridiculous, and the women all try so hard to be beautiful.  Nice to visit.  Not my thing.

The last evening was the most interesting.  We went to a church service at the church she used to attend when she lived there, The Rock Church.

This is one of the largest churches in the Nation with over 18,000 members, 2-3000 at a service, and my friend told me they commit to doing 1 million hours of community service a year for the city of San Diego.

She had wanted to hear him speak but instead a most bizarre thing happened.

This guy showed up.

Nick Vijicic

He may have no arms and no legs, but he’s got WAY too many i’s in his name.

It wasn’t until we were sitting outside the San Diego airport Monday morning, waiting for boarding that we realized that this was the first time we had SAT STILL.  The sun was warm.  The air smelled good.  Ahhhhhhhh.

Much better than the smell of vomit in the airplane as we lurched our way over Denver.  I swear I was green.  The turbulence made me glad to not have to fly again for a little while.  Dropping like that over and over for minutes on end.  I’m surprised I didn’t vomit in the aisle too.  Only it would have been on myself, cause I had a window seat next to an old man who looked at me to see if I was afraid and then I felt I had to appear unafraid for his sake when I really just wanted to grip my arm rests and scream.

All of this makes me happy to live in a small town like Cody.  Live a simple life.  Eat. Sleep. Use the bathroom.

I forgot pictures!

Downtown San Diego from some island.

“The Cliffs” looked alot like Maine to me.

Southern California is COLD and WINDY.

Our hotel

Outside the building the first day.  Look at that green grass!

Really awesome tree that I am going back to smuggle home in my suitcase.

Outside at breaktime

Not trying to be artsy.  We really were fenced in.

Crazy SOFT tree

Victoria asking me to stop taking pictures of her.


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