Bacterial Meningitis

My younger brother has been in the hospital since yesterday morning.  I’m not going to write about the ridiculous family issues this brings up.  He spoke to me at that terrible wedding last Spring, which was surprisingly refreshing.  It’s funny how when you have really good boundaries most people just think you’re going to hell.  Ooops, no family stuff.

What gets me is how quickly a person can go down.  A morning migraine to the ICU in the afternoon.  Bacterial Meningitis is fast and can kill you in a few hours.  Your brain swells and bursts.  Like some kind of horror/scifi film.  If I was there now I would yodel just to make sure he wasn’t an alien.

38 and down in a couple of hours.

And I thought I would die of some bizarre accident way before that.  Fall off a cliff.  Get run over by a moose.   Something people would snicker at in their own heads when they talked about me.  Oh yeah, she’s the one who slipped in the bathtub because someone left so much conditioner in it that she couldn’t get a grip.  That’s right, that was this morning!  Freezes to death in a house that’s set at 68.  That could actually happen.  You should feel my hands right now.  Like I’m dead–a zombie.

I’m still flying to San Diego on Thursday.  I paid a ton of money for the honor.

I’d better go put some gloves on.


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