Words Men Use to Insult Each Other

One of his friends was using the word Douchebag to describe one other friend.

This is a douche bag, boys:

Do you think about what a douche is when you use the word to insult each other?  It’s a bag that holds the feminine cleansing product.  Not that I believe douches are good for women to use.  Created by a man.  It’s their way of telling us our natural smells are disgusting and need to be all flowery.  I’d like to see a penisdouche.  Who ever said they smell good?

Anyway, so men use terms for women’s products and parts as insults:  tampon head, pussy, cunt, screams like a little girl, cries like a little girl, throws like a girl, hormonal, pmsing, boob.

And now I’ve heard it all.  A full grown man used the word vagina to describe himself.

I’m a huge vagina when it comes to being cold.

I don’t know what vaginas have to do with being cold.  They don’t tend to get cold.  They aren’t supersensitive to changes in temperature.  And a HUGE vagina?  To a guy, I guess that would be a bad thing.  Horrifying. 

Maybe it’s all about using the most shocking word in order to prove to other men how much of a man you really are.  Unafraid to use the word vagina in normal conversation at a table of other manly men drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.  That is most certainly one of the most MANLY things I’ve ever heard.  Women flock to men who use the word vagina to describe their weaknesses. 

I honestly don’t know whether to be pissed or call him a BOOB.


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