Proud Cut, Cody Wyoming Restaurant: Review

The burgers are good.  Steaks are tasty.  And that kid who does the dishes and looks like Wonderbread happens to be sitting in my recliner.  But the service . . .

An hour and 20 minutes

from the time we ordered to the time our food arrived.

A table of 5 who came in at the same time we did had already eaten and left.

A table after us got their food half an hour before us.

And then we were told we couldn’t pay separately, although we were by now running late for a movie.  Until the other waiter said Okay, I’ll help you.  Not ours, the OTHER one.

Personally I wouldn’t have chosen it in the first place, only because I can’t eat meaty red beefy burgers or steak without spending the next two hours trapped in a movie theater seat blaming the toxic gas on the man sitting next to me.  Who I happen to be married to.  And even though he told me that would be okay with him, I just couldn’t do it.

I’ve done enough serving in my day to really wonder what was going on!


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