Las Vegas is More than Gambling and Hookers

I’m thinking about taking a family vacation in Vegas this Spring.  It’s only a 13 hour drive.  Food is cheap.  Hotels are cheap.  Entertainment is cool.  The kids would love me forever if I took them to see Criss Angel’s show. 

But let me back this up.  My youngest asked yesterday if I would homeschool her.  I’m not sure why.  It was in the middle of the usual craziness: golf games, red and green pineapple pinatas, and lusting teenage boys.  I said no, without asking why.  I work.  No one is home. 

So then when I was putting her to bed I asked her what she thought about a Vegas vacation.  She looked at me quite disturbed.  “But why Vegas, Mom?”

“What do you know about Vegas?” I asked.

“Well, people gamble.”

“Yes, and prostitution is legal too,”  I added, even though I shouldn’t have.

“Mom,” she squeeled.  “You’re taking us to gamble and see prostitutes?”

“Yes, think of this as your first field trip for being homeschooled.”

I laughed so hard I cried and then stopped when she informed me that I was laughing at my own joke which she didn’t find so funny.  But yes, Las Vegas is actually a good family vacation place.  There’s lots of free things to do.  They expect people to spend lots of time throwing money away in the casinos so there are great things to do for free or cheap just to get you into town.  Skip the gambling and the prostitutes.  Find a cheap hotel just off the strip.  Stop watching movies where men go there for their bachelor parties and get drunk and don’t remember the gambling and prostitutes the next morning after spending part of the night in the desert digging graves and trashing cars.  It’s time for some good clean family FUN!!!!


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