Random things that make me wonder:

  • How come my spade female Siamese cat always has her butt in the air and yowls all night outside my bedroom door?
  • Why did I get sick on my days off?
  • When I dream at night I never know what state I’m in.  It’s confusing. 
  • Why do men think that taking a handful of pills is going to cure them, when the bottle says take 2 every 4-6 hours?
  • After I spend a half hour cleaning the kitchen until it looks nice, why is it someone has to immediately come along and do a full-kitchen cooking project?  Does a clean kitchen call to them? 
  • How does the kitten make those yowling noises without opening her mouth?
  • How many times can the floss container fall in the trashcan beside the sink before it’s too defiled to use?
  • How flat do boobs get when squashed between two glass plates?  Of course, I ask this question every year and the answer always surprises me.
  • If a kid drops a cell phone in someone’s house and it’s eaten by their dog, how does it end up blocks away on the lawn of the high school?  And would I use it again?
  • Am I really different from all the other parents because I want to know where my girls are and they aren’t allowed to go to boys houses?  Their little teenage boyfriends can come over here to play where I can keep an eye on them.  I’m being told this makes me strict.  It’s almost criminal how strict I am. 
  • Why do I keep living in these places where it’s below zero and windy and snowing and I wear sweaters all the time and two pairs of socks and my nose is still always cold?

Well, I’m feeling sick and that leaves me too much time to wonder about things and not enough brain power to actually come up with any answers.  I’m going to go crawl back onto the couch.


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