Wyoming plates

My car is now registered in Wyoming!  This changes EVERYTHING!  I can now:

Drive 10 miles an hour over the speed limit in town.

Swerve in and out of traffic.

Cut people off.

Swear at the 9ers.

Drive through stop signs.

And 4 way stops.

Drive drunk out of back alleys into traffic.

Move into the other lane to turn left.  I mean like the lane traffic comes at me in.  That one.

Not use my blinker.

Cut in front of the other lane coming at me at a green light, so that I can turn left and they have a choice of hitting me or waiting.

Drive 80 mph on the highways.

Spit my chew out the window.

Yell “Yeehaw” at cute girls.

Oh, wait.  That last one would be kindof weird.

Maybe not.  Well yes.  I think the gay/lesbian population is still underground in this cowboy crap town.


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