Book Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

It has taken me this many years to even pick up another Stephenie Meyer book.   I read the whole Twilight series because my kids were reading it and I wanted to connect with them.  They were FAST reads, lots of dialogue, not as satisfying as other vampire books but a nice quick read when I wanted to escape the harsh reality of life for a little while.  I saw the first movie and it was so AWFUL I never thought I’d be reading another one of her books, just in protest of Edward being such a complete waste of time.

But I live in the Wild West now and I can’t be so choosy about what I read in this cowboy crap town.  I decided to give The Host a try for a few pages, when I found out it has nothing to do with vampires that sparkle or watch you while you’re sleeping.

And it’s really GOOD!  This planet of souls takes over other planets and uses the bodies of whatever lives there as their hosts.  They are surgically placed inside the brain of the new body and usually stay with it until it dies and then they go on to a new host.  They’ve now come to earth and taken over almost everyone.  Usually the host’s soul disappears during the surgery, but Mel won’t let go of her body when the Wanderer is placed inside. 

Maybe it’s my job working with people who have too many conversations in their own heads, but having an entire relationship with a stranger in your own body is pretty cool.  The Wanderer leads them to a place where the last humans are hiding out and she tries to not get killed.  Once again though (Thanks Stephenie Meyer) she’s a weak female, always getting hit, trying to be invisible, needing a group of men to keep her safe.  It works better this time, now that we’re away from Edward the Eyesore and Jacob who must be about Ten. 

I am halfway done this book.  If it doesn’t have a decent ending I will have to revise my positive review.  So far, I like the idea that not all invading aliens are alike, that some characters can really think for themselves, and that it is possible for a group of humans to survive in the wilderness in a civilized way.  Just please don’t make a movie of it!  If the Wanderer becomes a 14 year old prissy teenybopper and Jeb is an ancient 27, I will throw a huge fit!


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