Monday Morning

I live with a bunch of whiners.  The body aches and pains and complaining about things that are probably just in their heads is endless, especially on Monday mornings . . .

I have to break from that thought to ask which kitten just took a big ole smelly crap that is wafting out to where I sit in the kitchen.  How can someone so cute make such nasty aromas?

. . . It’s so hard to think while gagging.

So one of the girls swore she was going directly to the school nurse and calling me to come home.  Time to shut all the phones off!  She hurt a muscle in her abdomen during the time she’s spent this last week at the Rec. Center, hugging on her boyfriend playing racketball and making out with the little boy swimming.  Apparently she must have done something she wouldn’t normally do like  taking pictures of her boy toy with the cell phone standing or reaching and hurt herself.  I hope I don’t hear the phone ring from where I stashed it in the bedroom closet that she gets so caught up in her classes that she forgets to call.

On top of this my cup of coffee exploded all over the microwave, which I have now cleaned.  I would have liked to clean it on my own time, but apparently someone wanted it cleaned TODAY and not sometime next summer.

And I’m really constipated from all the chocolate I ate yesterday when I was doing one of those things my mother always does that pisses me off–I felt the need to FINISH the chocolate so that it would be gone and I wouldn’t be tempted anymore.  So now I look I look 5 months pregnant and I’m just waiting around for the delivery. 

It’s close.  I’m having cramping pains.

I just finished reading Christopher Moore’s The Stupidest Angel, which was quite different and surprising.  I might write a review of that.  It’ll just be hard to explain the book, without giving away that there are Zombies.  Oh, shit.

Christmas is coming up soon and the hardest part for me is that I don’t have any family traditions.  You know, like carolling, or  , or stringing cranberries for the tree.  I’ve got watching South Park’s Mr. Hanky episode which coincidentally, oh never mind.  Anyway, Christmas is a bit lame and quiet.  I suppose we could all go sing at the Silver Dollar Bar because they’ve got a giant Christmas tree outside.  I wonder if the old alcoholics would appreciate that or tell us to shut up.

All right, it’s time for me to suck up this coffee and start my day.


One thought on “Monday Morning

  1. I cracked it this year and decided to change things a little. Gotta start somewhere.

    I got a black, small, plastic Christmas tree and over the next few weeks my partner and I are going to ‘decorate’ it with random things. There’s already a necklace and a poker chip.

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