Super Mario Bros Wii: A Review (and how I became an addict)

Anything Mario is always good.  So I picked out this game on that rare occassion last week when I went to the store to look for a new game.  I thought it would give the kids something to do during this well below zero week of school vacation.

Instead every chance I get I’m down there.  It’s the same Mario with the same map, obstacle courses, flying shells, and music.  ONLY BETTER BECAUSE:

  • Up to 4 people can play at one time ON THE SAME SCREEN.  This is good because I sometimes forget which screen I’m on and I end up driving madly off the road or something while thinking, Wow I’m really good, when it’s the other person who is going really good. 
  • I love the bubble.  There are times I live in the bubble.  If you fall down a hole and there’s still someone else alive you can press A and bubble over to them where they pop you out to play another day.  I have turned this safety net into an MO, a strategy all on its own–much like the people on survivor who stay really quiet and vote with the majority and end up winning because they haven’t pissed anyone off.  I stay in a safe place and let other people go through the dangerous things and then BUBBLE OVER TO THEM.  So instead of getting stuck on one world and never getting any further in the game, I can tag along and feel important.  Cause while they are running through they can always bubble back to where I’m happily standing whistling cheerfully to myself. 
  • The whole family plays their role through their character.  We’ve got the panicked SCREAMER, the nervous BOUNCER who feels blamed, the BRAGGER, the BRAVE male, and me–the one who lives in my safe little bubble.
  • The graphics are excellent, the worlds vary endlessly, and it’s incredible stressful and exciting.  We play until we start getting angry at each other and then I call a break so that everyone can calm down.
  • It’s a little creepy too, when someone dies and comes bubbling back and the remote they are holding has ghostly little kids voices coming out of it saying “help me” and something that sounds like “jelly fish.”
  • I also wonder why all the characters yell “Asshole!” before entering a new world.  The kids tell me they’re are saying “Here we go!”  I’m hearing “Asshole!”



    One thought on “Super Mario Bros Wii: A Review (and how I became an addict)

    1. That is one highly addictive game. I am literally up to the last level and just need to defeat Bowser to finish.

      I played it for a little while last night, just the one level, trying to defeat this overgrown turtle with lots of hair monster thing. I always just made it a few steps further each time and then would fall into lava. It drove me nuts!

      So after 10 attempts, and some new interesting words in my vocabulary that I can not repeat, I gave up and sulked for a while. Damn you Mario, why do you have to be so addictive, and why can’t you look after your girlfriend without her getting kidnapped every 5 seconds.

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